Tuesday, August 19, 2008


This is going to be a very lame post.
I've only had this blog for a few days but already I have to go on hiatus. For a long, long time. Or not. Maybe I'll have an insane urge to blog next week but who knows.

School has started again and I could never have imagined the amount of work I'm putting forth towards clubs, homework and organizing. On top of that I have to balance friends unless I want to spend the rest of highschool a hermit who spends all day posting pictures of themselves (which isn't THAT bad)

But yes,
I am sorry to leave this amazing world of blogging bloggers, but it's what must be done. Always, always be fashionable and stay cute!


Friday, August 15, 2008

Creating a Spectacle

What is it about a nice pair of glasses that can transform your look? A lot of people I love can rock a pair of specs including Tina Fey, River Cuomo, Johnny Depp and Harry Potter. Alright, Harry might not qualify but I still love him. I got a new pair of glasses and I've decided to celebrate by featuring them in a post.

I'm obsessed with Dolce & Gabbanna eyewear ads so that's why I decided to use this ad for my inspiration. It's too bad I don't have a cute curly headed guy to model with me. Also, my glasses aren't D&G, I'm pretty sure they're Gucci or something. Oh well. (Click on the pictures!)

I just got finished watching Michael Phelp's latest race and supposedly he eats 12,000 calories. I bet most of his diet is made up of mermaid babies.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sunbeam Dancing

I've seriously been staring at pictures of this Steve McQueen Butterfly Dress for ages. I'm not that into tye-die but the way the colors and fabric drape over each other are so dreamy and just gorgeous! I should be doing some actual blogging but I'm in so much pain right now. I just got spacers since I'm getting braces soon and they ache like crazy! If spacers hurt I really don't want to know what the actual braces feel like. For the whole day I've had pudding and... pudding.
(Click for the bigger picture!)

Magazine- AnOther2
Photographers- Horst Diekgerdes, Katy England

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Perfect to a T

Of all places, why did my parents choose Florida to move to? Every day is like a day at the sauna, except without the fat guys in towels. That's not a good thing either.

Anyways, this isn't even an outfit post. It's a homage to my favorite shirt. Everyone, stop what you're doing and go buy the light gray pocket tee shirt from the Gap. Hate on the Gap all you want but I got this Pima cotton v-neck for about 17 bucks and I love it more than my American Apparel tees. (clicky!)

Then again, rainy days aren't so bad because they give you an excuse to pose around with an umbrella!

Robot Music

Anyone who's anyone has heard of Crystal Castles. If you haven't then leave your blog rock and look them up! Either you love them or hate them. I have been listening to them for a while now and the only way I can describe their sound is outrageous-thrash-gameboy-scream. Yes, that's how.

I hope everyone is okay with me posting about music because I don't think I could talk about fashion all day, even though I live for it. I live for good music too. But this isn't just for my pleasure, it's also a chance for you to expand your music library!

After years of listening to Crystal Castles I have accumulated a great library of their songs. Here are some of their songs that are not as popular but just as good. I also posted a song by the band Boy Crisis. They fall under the same genre with the synthesizers but aren't as rough as Crystal Castles. It's highly danceable, psychedelic electro and if you enjoy MGMT I assure you you'll enjoy Dressed To Digress by Boy Crisis.
(Click to listen, then DOWNLOAD!)

Love & Caring by Crystal Castles

Cry Babies by Crystal Castles vs. CBF

Dressed To Digress by Boy Crisis

Do you like them? I'd love to hear feedback and if this isn't your
type of music, don't worry I'm sure I'll find something you'll enjoy
later on!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Put On Your Game Face

Every time I look at fashion shows I always try to pay attention to the make-up. Whether it's heavy, dramatic make-up for John Galliano or natural and healthy make-up for Jill Sander, the make-up always compliments the clothing. Lately I've been experimenting with make-up like every teen girl has done when armed with pots of eyeshadow and a bright mirror.

Have you ever experimented with make-up, after seeking inspiration from designers? How did it turn out? (Click to enlarge, edited so the colors are brighter, if you know where the first picture was from please tell!)

Artist Inspiration: Leesa Leva

I've really become smitten with the artwork of Leesa Leva. She's an artist from Houston, Texas. I really love the way she plays with the colors and inks of her illustrations, letting them bleed on to each other. This is definitely inspiration for any fashion illustrator. Can't you also recognize the faces? I see Lydia Hearst, Kirsten and even a double headed Olsen monster which is strangely lovely in it's own way. (Click to enlarge!)

Website- http://www.leesaleva.com

Monday, August 11, 2008

Not Your Average Pin Up

Before I begin my post I've gotta admit, blogging is harder than I thought. I've been posting overtime to get more visitors but it's been going pretty slow. Although it seems like I've been talking to myself lately, it's just the beginning so I'll be patient. But for future reference, I'd love to trade links, hear tips, critique, anything. I'm always happy to listen.

Now back to what I like. I like magazines and I found these in my computer. They're part of the Vogue Paris 2008 calendar. Models were styled by Carine Roitfeld and photographed by Mario Sorrenti. The body art on each model is so detailed and beautiful. I have selected some of my favorite months. (Click the pictures to enlarge!)

October has to be my absolute favorite. It might be something about how I've rewatched Batman: The Dark Knight more times I remember or how I've been dreaming about that dress for months, but it's perfect.

Where's the Justice?

Nothing says 'I'm with the band' than a nice black leather jacket. With enough pockets and zippers to hold one's top of the line phone, or even pocket knife, it goes without saying that these jackets will always be in style. I've seen a lot of people lately just throwing a leather jacket over frilly dresses to add some edge or dressing them down with a perfect pair of skinnies.

Then in enters JUSTICE. Everyone knows they can rock a club with their singles such as "D.V.N.O." or fresh remixes, but did you know that they can also design? Apparently they're into the whole skinny jeans and leather jacket combo.

They were made with a collaboration with the store Surface2Air and JUSTICE themselves. You can purchase them on the streets of Paris or online. It seems like every celeb is collaborating now, and although these jackets are amazing, I don't think I'd spend my money. I hear Rhianna is making umbrellas and the Lohan is making leggings. Yeah, it's just not doing it for me.

That's the official music video of JUSTICE's song Stress. I find it a bit depressing. But what makes me happier is this parody of the song. I actually like this one much better than the original to tell you the truth.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Make Believe Photoshoot

This is what occurs when a bunch of girls get a fashion high after reading piles of Vogues and Nylons. When you add a camera, it's a deadly combo.

My friends and I had just finished up a nice jug of home-made lemonade (We knew it was home-made since my special recipe calls for an extra cup.. or two of sugar) and thought after flipping through the glossies, we are good looking people, how about we prance through meadows and such with a camera? And that we did.

" Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far." Thank you Mr. President, sir. I sure do look intimidating.

She Can Draw Too?

I'm a woman of many trades, well, not really. But seeing that this is a blog of things I like. I sure do love drawing. It all started with a Barbie Princess book. I sat myself down in kindergarten with my Barbie book and started drawing scenes from the page. Too bad I've moved my media from broken Crayola crayons to Photoshop.

Get ready for an art dump everyone!
(Click for the full, bigger picture)

Just a quick color practice. Used the background from an Urban Outfitters Spring catalog the colors and lineart were all done on Photoshop.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Last Sounds of Summer

I like summer. I like sitting in front of the t.v. catching up on shows I missed when I was loaded with homework. I like lazy days at the beach slurping blue raspberry icees until my tongue turns the color of a smurf. I also like songs that remind you of summer. (Now click the links to enjoy and DOWNLOAD!)
1. Summer in the City By Lovin' Spoonful
How could I not add this song? It would be a crime not to include such a song that instantly reminds you of those sticky slow summer days. Since I live in Florida sticky doesn't even begin to explain it. Walking outside is like walking through a hot cloud of moisture.

2. Fireworks Are Illegal by Oppenheimer
This song starts off in a soft whisper and then suddenly builds up into a great synthesized jam of awesomeness. The lyrics also talk about fireworks littering the skies and what's more summer than a night full of exploding light showers?

3. Fortress by Pinback
Pinback is always good at providing me with relaxing music. This song has a nice, rolling beat like the waves beating off the coast.They haven't failed me yet.

School's starting in a week for me so I need all the reminders of summer I can get.

Hop On The Plane to Cali

This summer my family and I jumped from the east coast to the west. I stayed in San Francisco and I can truthfully say I left my heart there, no matter how cheesy it sounds. The video is a brief run through of what we did, or what video I could find in my camera mashed together.

Along with all the other good stuff captured through my camera we ruined our brakes by going down the "crookedest street in the world", Lombard and made our way to Union Square. I loved shopping there, especially with the two story H&M. I probably went up and down the elevators more than look for good deals, which I deeply regret.

Our last stop was Haight Street, a magical district full of frisbee enthusiasts and rainbows. I seriously witnessed a drum circle. It was a circle of prairie skirts and unwashed hair. I'm not being negative by the way, it actually looked kind of fun. Oh, we also saw a couple peeing together on the side of some alley. San Francisco is full of such colorful people.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Shoe Lust

I for one can appreciate heels. I surely do appreciate how they can be that little dot on the end of an exclamation point. I also appreciate how they're able to flex your leg muscles just so that your gams appear leaner and longer. It's amazing, really.

I'm always on the lookout for a good pair of heels. Comfortable enough to walk from class to class, sturdy enough to not be a health hazard while climbing school stairs and stylish enough so that I'm not wearing the same heels as our school counselor. If that wasn't enough I also ask my heels to be affordable, if not cheap seeing as I don't even work yet.

While looking for my heels wasn't hard enough, I lay my eyes on these lovely pair of shoes.
The artist who customizes these shoes is French artist Mathieu Missiaen. His style is very graphic and modern, which I adore. I think these shoes could really add a modern twist to any plain outfit. And plus, how often do you get to have your shoes personalized in such fun designs? All you do is send in a pair of shoes, which eliminate the whole 'will the shoes be comfortable and fit me' deal and he'll give the shoes a whole new makeover. The customization costs about $200 which definitely isn't in my price range but for some I see this as a good investment since it's a work of art, ready to be slipped on to your feet for a night around town.
Visit his Etsy Store---- Ndeur Shoes

Introduction To All Introductions

I might as well start off my blog with some info on me so we're not strangers and such. My name is Hana and I attend high school. I'm also Vietnamese and live in the fashion Siberia. There's no need to include last names and addresses since those are only important to creepers and I sure don't want them hanging around my blog.

I enjoy a lot of things. Whether that be watching the news, trying new foods, making crafts, shopping or photography, I'll write about it here in my public journal. This totally contradicts my statement about creepers but here's some visual aid on who I am. Behold, me, skipping down a dock.