Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Robot Music

Anyone who's anyone has heard of Crystal Castles. If you haven't then leave your blog rock and look them up! Either you love them or hate them. I have been listening to them for a while now and the only way I can describe their sound is outrageous-thrash-gameboy-scream. Yes, that's how.

I hope everyone is okay with me posting about music because I don't think I could talk about fashion all day, even though I live for it. I live for good music too. But this isn't just for my pleasure, it's also a chance for you to expand your music library!

After years of listening to Crystal Castles I have accumulated a great library of their songs. Here are some of their songs that are not as popular but just as good. I also posted a song by the band Boy Crisis. They fall under the same genre with the synthesizers but aren't as rough as Crystal Castles. It's highly danceable, psychedelic electro and if you enjoy MGMT I assure you you'll enjoy Dressed To Digress by Boy Crisis.
(Click to listen, then DOWNLOAD!)

Love & Caring by Crystal Castles

Cry Babies by Crystal Castles vs. CBF

Dressed To Digress by Boy Crisis

Do you like them? I'd love to hear feedback and if this isn't your
type of music, don't worry I'm sure I'll find something you'll enjoy
later on!


Anthea said...

oooo I never heard of them but I listened to their songs they're great. Its great that you are posting about music. I did a post about Gucci and MGMT's Time to Pretend..Love it :) Thanks for your comment.

Anthea said...

Guess what? I am totally addicted to crystal castles now and turns out they are coming to Vancouver! I am going to see them. Keep up the great music and fashion posts :)