Monday, August 11, 2008

Where's the Justice?

Nothing says 'I'm with the band' than a nice black leather jacket. With enough pockets and zippers to hold one's top of the line phone, or even pocket knife, it goes without saying that these jackets will always be in style. I've seen a lot of people lately just throwing a leather jacket over frilly dresses to add some edge or dressing them down with a perfect pair of skinnies.

Then in enters JUSTICE. Everyone knows they can rock a club with their singles such as "D.V.N.O." or fresh remixes, but did you know that they can also design? Apparently they're into the whole skinny jeans and leather jacket combo.

They were made with a collaboration with the store Surface2Air and JUSTICE themselves. You can purchase them on the streets of Paris or online. It seems like every celeb is collaborating now, and although these jackets are amazing, I don't think I'd spend my money. I hear Rhianna is making umbrellas and the Lohan is making leggings. Yeah, it's just not doing it for me.

That's the official music video of JUSTICE's song Stress. I find it a bit depressing. But what makes me happier is this parody of the song. I actually like this one much better than the original to tell you the truth.

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