Friday, August 8, 2008

Shoe Lust

I for one can appreciate heels. I surely do appreciate how they can be that little dot on the end of an exclamation point. I also appreciate how they're able to flex your leg muscles just so that your gams appear leaner and longer. It's amazing, really.

I'm always on the lookout for a good pair of heels. Comfortable enough to walk from class to class, sturdy enough to not be a health hazard while climbing school stairs and stylish enough so that I'm not wearing the same heels as our school counselor. If that wasn't enough I also ask my heels to be affordable, if not cheap seeing as I don't even work yet.

While looking for my heels wasn't hard enough, I lay my eyes on these lovely pair of shoes.
The artist who customizes these shoes is French artist Mathieu Missiaen. His style is very graphic and modern, which I adore. I think these shoes could really add a modern twist to any plain outfit. And plus, how often do you get to have your shoes personalized in such fun designs? All you do is send in a pair of shoes, which eliminate the whole 'will the shoes be comfortable and fit me' deal and he'll give the shoes a whole new makeover. The customization costs about $200 which definitely isn't in my price range but for some I see this as a good investment since it's a work of art, ready to be slipped on to your feet for a night around town.
Visit his Etsy Store---- Ndeur Shoes

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