Saturday, August 9, 2008

Last Sounds of Summer

I like summer. I like sitting in front of the t.v. catching up on shows I missed when I was loaded with homework. I like lazy days at the beach slurping blue raspberry icees until my tongue turns the color of a smurf. I also like songs that remind you of summer. (Now click the links to enjoy and DOWNLOAD!)
1. Summer in the City By Lovin' Spoonful
How could I not add this song? It would be a crime not to include such a song that instantly reminds you of those sticky slow summer days. Since I live in Florida sticky doesn't even begin to explain it. Walking outside is like walking through a hot cloud of moisture.

2. Fireworks Are Illegal by Oppenheimer
This song starts off in a soft whisper and then suddenly builds up into a great synthesized jam of awesomeness. The lyrics also talk about fireworks littering the skies and what's more summer than a night full of exploding light showers?

3. Fortress by Pinback
Pinback is always good at providing me with relaxing music. This song has a nice, rolling beat like the waves beating off the coast.They haven't failed me yet.

School's starting in a week for me so I need all the reminders of summer I can get.

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