Monday, August 11, 2008

Not Your Average Pin Up

Before I begin my post I've gotta admit, blogging is harder than I thought. I've been posting overtime to get more visitors but it's been going pretty slow. Although it seems like I've been talking to myself lately, it's just the beginning so I'll be patient. But for future reference, I'd love to trade links, hear tips, critique, anything. I'm always happy to listen.

Now back to what I like. I like magazines and I found these in my computer. They're part of the Vogue Paris 2008 calendar. Models were styled by Carine Roitfeld and photographed by Mario Sorrenti. The body art on each model is so detailed and beautiful. I have selected some of my favorite months. (Click the pictures to enlarge!)

October has to be my absolute favorite. It might be something about how I've rewatched Batman: The Dark Knight more times I remember or how I've been dreaming about that dress for months, but it's perfect.


Wendy said...

I love Lara Stone and her sexy photos! And don't worry about readers, they'll build up.

Hana said...

Thanks for the comment and the support! I'll definitely try to follow your blogging footsteps.